The First Play! meetup in Japan

The Play! meetup in Japan was held at Kronos co., LTD's seminar room on 6 Aug. 2011.
It might be the first time about play meetup in Japan.

I went to this meetup and talked about play good points I felt while using for work.
My slide is this:

I hope it was help and great info for those who bored about Java EE and Servlet programming.
Play! is fun. Java programming is also fun fundamentaly. I think.

Other people's slide are also here:

This slide is gae and siena module tutorial for Play! beginners presented by @daiksy.
Many of audience were interested about this slide and easiness for getting started with Play! on GAE.

This slide mentioned about Netty and NIO in Play! presented by @tan_go238.
@tan_go238 demonstrated a little NIO server that notify onto growl developed with Netty.

After the all presentations finished, it was free time that audience tried to use Play! and talked about the first impression about Play!.
At this free time, @kiy0taka, groovy hacker, demonstrated his first Play! app mostly written by groovy.
It was very funny. At first, this app started up groovy console in Play! view html, and then touch a model instance and do save() on groovy console.
It was joke app! but we loved it and his improvised idea. ;-p
His code is below:

This meetup was very very fun!
The next Play! meetup is coming soon!
I planned the next in Tokyo.

Keep in touched! :-)